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Ethos and Values
Welcome to Honywood Community Science School
Ethos and Values
We are an oversubscribed comprehensive school with 1,050 learners aged 11-16 on roll; we converted to Academy Status in May 2011. Young people at our school can expect the most challenging learning experiences.  We expect our learners to become independent, mature and empowered, able to make excellent decisions about the lives they lead whilst at our school, as well as learning how to be happy and successful in the lives they will lead on leaving us.  We thus design learning to achieve this aim.
At Honywood we do not strive to fit in with how things are normally done, as to be so average is not in our DNA; we focus all our efforts on analysing what we do well and ensuring it continues, whilst showing a determination to always seek more effective ways of encouraging our young people to learn, however successful we are adjudged to be.  Our dynamic school continually improves as a result of this drive.
A good education should leave you with a clear understanding of the world around you no matter what lens through which you look.  Well-educated youngsters can see the world through a mathematical lens and comprehend it in the same way they can gain understanding through a scientific lens, a geographical lens or a musical lens; as a result, well-educated youngsters pass lots of exams. At our school we want much more than this.  We are designing learning that will enable every learner to know who they are, how they became who they are and be clear about the possibilities for their future, setting out on a journey to horizons others can’t even imagine.  Every adult working at our school understands the impact they can have on young people through the strong relationships they build with them, the high expectations they have for them and the absolute determination to learn alongside them as they consistently challenge their pre-conceptions about learning design, always looking to make learning more intriguing and more personally connected to the youngsters we serve.
In the years ahead, our designs for young people’s learning will increasingly be more authentic, more connected to their real lives and better crafted to move us from the modest ambition of understanding the world around us to the much greater ambition of truly understanding ourselves.  An exciting future awaits everyone associated with our school.
We are fully committed to training and developing our staff and have a long and successful tradition of guiding trainee and newly qualified teachers, with more than a third of our current teaching staff having trained here and more than half having commenced their careers at Honywood. As well as investing in people we also look to consistently improve learning resources.  Our efforts to raise funds have helped us to open six Science laboratories in September 2006, a Dance/Drama/Music block which opened in September 2010 and provide our youngsters with excellent IT resources.
I hope that this information, and the rest of the site, will give you a picture of our school and an indication of the opportunities offered to young people, staff and the community here at Honywood Community Science School.
Simon Mason
Head Teacher
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