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Curriculum 2016/17 Overview
Curriculum Overview
For families in Cohorts 7 and 8 in September 2016, the following information sets out for you the titles of the new Ignition Days our learners will experience next year. These will ignite the learning in each of their subjects through the study periods that follow and these are outlined on a separate table for each Cohort, along with the dates when Ignition Days will take place.
You’ll also see the weeks when showcasing will be carried out in school. During these weeks youngsters will be asked to openly reflect on their learning from the previous study period and this could take the form of an open class debate, presentations in class or through individual dialogue with their teacher, for example. Review meetings next year will start with learners being asked to reflect on their learning, evidencing the points they are making, for about fifteen minutes.
Please use this guide to support your youngster, especially in managing their independent study as they will need to ensure that their learning has reached a point where they can showcase what they have learned during each of the published weeks. Without a positive attitude to ninety minutes of Independent Study each evening, they will not be able to demonstrate effective learning during their showcase weeks.
If you have any questions about this guide, please draw these to the attention of your youngster’s Learning Group Leader in the first instant.
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C8 Study Overview
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