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Attendance & Absence Reporting
Attendance is essential to effective learning but we appreciate that there will be times when a youngster is not well enough to attend. The school should be notified on the first day of absence by 9.00am if a learner is absent through sickness or other valid reasons. The expectation is that a parent/carer will contact School each day if their youngster is not well enough to attend school. If a learner is away for three days the parent/carer is expected to contact us again to explain the absence. The expectation is that a note of explanation regarding the absence should be brought in on their return. Known absence of some length should be notified to the School so that teachers may set study to be completed at home, where appropriate. Dental and medical appointments should be made where possible outside of the school day. If however School time cannot be avoided, a written note of confirmation is required. All learners must report to the Learner Reception when leaving or returning to school from such visits.
Honywood School uses Groupcall Messenger which allows us to notify you if your youngster is absent from either morning or afternoon registration.  If a learner is absent and we have not heard from you, you will receive a Groupcall message by 9.30am.  You will be able to respond to the email or text and notify us about the reasons for your youngster's absence or alternatively you can pick up the phone and notify us.   
Families are reminded, please, of the need to contact school on each day that your youngster is unwell and unable to attend school. 
For information on applying for Leave of Absence please click the link below

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