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Learning Session 3


Our core aim at Honywood is to ensure that all learners are happy and successful whilst at school and in their lives beyond the age of sixteen. All learners are placed in a Learning Group, in which they will remain during their time at Honywood. The Learning Group Leader (LGL) is a key person in the life of a learner, they are the member of staff youngsters see twice a day and they will be the main point of contact for any parent or carer. On three occasions each week in Learning Session Three learners will spend twenty five minutes with their LGL; this session is designed to focus on sixteen life skills, attitudes, behaviours and dispositions which we believe will equip learners with the skills they will need in order to be happy and successful. The sessions are designed to be receptive to current learner issues and will be facilitated by the LGL, and at times by the learners themselves. The learners are encouraged to focus independently on their own personal journey of skill acquisition. They will be encouraged to record learning highs and lows and analyse what they need to do to become more effective with their learning which will consequently lead to them to lead a happier and more successful life. Each week there is a Cohort assembly which is either led by the Cohort Leader, visitors to the school, Lead Learners, Creative Teams or Learning Groups themselves. In assemblies we celebrate the progress learners are making as well as address our core values.
Monday  Topics through the My Learning Attributes
Tuesday  Topics through the My Learning Attributes
Wednesday  Short Session due to extracurricular and LS5
Thursday  Assembly
Friday  Gazette and news discussions
The topics and attributes we shall be covering this Autumn term are:

Communication - finding out about each other, listening and recalling information.

Confidence -   bullying including cyberbullying, moral confidence, raising self- esteem.

Craftsmanlike - healthy lifestyles.

Collaboration - encouraging teamwork, being able to identify individual strengths. 
On Monday’s, the Pause for Thought programme provides learners with an opportunity to discuss various ideas initiated by a collection of stimuli and concepts that encourage empathy and also encourage learners to consider other people’s perspectives of thought-provoking situations. This session is also used to expand the learners’ knowledge and understanding of the outside world by debating current affairs. It enables learners to start to develop and form opinions of their own in a friendly environment, as well as encourage them to use their listening skills with others.
On Tuesdays, learners can reflect on the skills, attitudes, behaviours and dispositions that can affect the way they personally learn and the relationships they form. They discuss and think about various issues and themes which they may face and about which they may have to make decisions. Learners also focus on the skills that will help them to be happy and successful.
Cohort 7 covers a broad range of topics in assemblies, each one designed to support the development of the key skills, attitudes, behaviours and dispositions required for a healthy, successful life; fitness for life, valuing the struggle, being creative, taking responsibly for their life and learning and being healthy in body and mind. Each Learning Group gets a chance during the year to produce their own assembly on a theme entirely of their choice.
On Fridays, the learners have choices on how they reflect on the learning that has taken place that week. They have their own personal scrapbook to record those reflections on both their learning and their personal skills. They annotate this work and reflect on why they feel it should go in their scrapbook. This becomes part of their overall showcasing material.   Learners also have time to read the Gazette and discuss any current news items.
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