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Current Vacancies 
When a vacancy arises within the school we advertise this on our website as well as other publications such as the Times Educational Supplement (TES), Essex Job Scene magazine/website and other local papers.
Training Opportunities 
We are committed to offering a range of training programmes to people wishing to become teachers.  Our aim is to recruit, train and induct high quality graduates into the teaching profession. We have an excellent infrastructure in this area that is demonstrated by many of our staff having been trainees or NQTs with us and now holding Middle or Senior Leader positions within the school.
If you are interested in finding out more about training to teach at our school then please contact Phaedra Bishop, Professional Tutor [email protected] who will be pleased to discuss this with you in the first instance.
We host training placements for a number of Initial Teacher Training Providers and work particularly closely with Lyons Hall Primary and Secondary Partnership: http://www.prolearnnet.com// and Colchester Teacher Training Consortium: http://colchesterttc.org.uk/
Following the appointment of Newly Qualified Teachers to Honywood School, they are invited to work within the school for at least a week prior to taking up their position. This provides an opportunity for them to become more familiar with the physical environment we learn within as well as to start to understand our educational philosophy.
Once the term has begun NQTs are provided with a bespoke training programme that links into the whole school learning and development programme as well as the national teacher standards. This programme incorporates training sessions which are designed to be adaptive to the individual NQT’s emerging needs and priorities. Honywood coordinates NQT training via a series of conferences for a wider group of local schools through the Professional Learning Network which are held six times a year. The conferences provide NQTs from the wider local area a chance to meet and work alongside colleagues placed in local schools at the same stage of their careers.
NQTs have a weekly mentoring session with their dedicated subject mentor who deals with both the minutiae of everyday school life as well as developing their NQT’s pedagogy. In addition to this Professional Tutor who is a member of the Leadership Team, currently Phaedra Bishop has oversight for the NQTs and ensures that they are fully supported during their first year of teaching.
NQTs have regular learning session observations; these are conducted by a range of staff, including their mentor, Subject Development Leaders, Advanced Skills Teachers, Specialist Leaders of Education and members of the Leadership Team. They also have the opportunity to observe more experienced staff and to go to another school for internship should they require this.
ITT or Initial Teacher Trainees 
Honywood offers training and teaching practice opportunities for beginning teachers across many subject areas each year. Recruitment for trainees begins in late September with successful applicants starting their journey with us at the start of the following September. We work closely with a range of training providers most frequently with Lyons Hall Primary and Secondary Partnership: http://www.prolearnnet.com/ and Colchester Teacher Training Consortium: www.colchesterttc.org.uk
Trainees are with us for four days each week, spending the fifth with their training provider.Each week trainees undertake two professional studies sessions, one of which is in school led by Honywood staff and the other is led by the training provider. They also have weekly subject studies sessions or whole days depending on the training provider. These sessions encourage the trainee to consider the wider issues of secondary school teaching in relation to such things as current educational issues and currently pedagogical practice within their specialist subject area.  
Our trainees have access to the whole school learning and development programme including opportunities to accompany day and residential visits. Trainees also have the opportunity and are encouraged to get involved in all aspects of school life; this includes open evening, staff training sessions, our annual staff conference, supporting events such as the school production and other arts evenings as well as working closely with learners and their families.  
Trainees are given a timetable that is in line with the training providers’ requirements and are also allocated to Learning Group so are able to get fully involved with the pastoral care and guidance of learners.
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