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Family Learning Team

All research and advice tells us that there is no right way in which to parent. Each of us has a different family background and a unique set of personal circumstances which shape our parenting. Each child is also different: what will "work" for one child may not "work" for another.
A problem shared is a problem halved and having someone to talk to can prove invaluable.
We aim to establish an atmosphere in which situations and problems can be discussed in a confidential and supportive way, hopefully empowering you to be able to return home to your own individual situation armed with ideas and the knowledge that there are people out there, particularly the Family Learning Team and the Cohort Leaders at Honywood, who can support you.
We are happy to help you with a range of problems including:
  • Supporting your child through friendship challenges
  • Communicating with my adolescent
  • My adolescent can't cope with exam stress, is there any help?
  • Bereavement and Loss
  • Internet Safety
  • Effectively supporting the Independent Learning of your child
  • Who you can turn to when things get tough?
For more information about the services and work of the Family Learning Team please click here
The Family Learning Team can be contacted during term time and during the school holidays.
We are here to help.



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Parents Drop In Sessions every Tuesday 11am during term time.
Click here for more information
Has your child joined Honywood in September?  If you have any worries about your child's transition please contact the Family Learning Team.  Click here for more information
Future Events 

Understanding Our Teenagers              Every Tuesday                   7pm - 9pm (please call to book a place)

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