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Learner Voice
Learner Voice 
Over the last nine years we have been working hard to ensure our learners have a voice in the decision making process at Honywood. The introduction of a new Learner Leadership Team in 2010 has had a significant impact, spending its resources thoughtfully to make a difference to the school environment. The influence our prefects have on the school has been growing over the last five years especially as the number of learners selected as prefects has increased. We have also introduced Deputy Lead Learners who will be supporting the Lead Learners in developing the actions set out in the development plans that they have created.
The Lead Learners team has six key development areas: Learner Environment, Learner Technology, Learner Progression, Learner Wellbeing, Learner Skills and Learner Leadership. We are delighted to announce that from a magnificent field of candidates the following learners have been appointed as the Lead Learner - Shannon Maher, Tom Speed, William Spicer, Kitty Attwood, Josh Hickford and Maisy Stant. The following are Deputy Lead Learners - Adam Lynes, Grace Doubleday, Izzy Stevens, Niamh Walker, Alice Harper and Amy Wright.  They are currently involved in leading teams of learners in action research, on a variety of topics. They regular meet with the School leadership team to discuss current issues. Each year the Lead Learners invite learners from Cohort 7-10 to apply to be part of the Learner Leadership Team; they not only select this team but chair all meetings.
Lead Learners 
Deputy Lead Learners 
In January learners in Cohort 10 were encouraged to apply to become a Prefect. The applications that were submitted were excellent and learners performed to a high standard during their interviews. All subject teams interviewed and selected learners who showed an interest in working in their departments. Prefect Coordinators have also been appointed for their leadership qualities, they will line manage the prefects in their teams.
Prefects are integral to the functioning of the school. This is a position of considerable responsibility requires learners to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and set an example at all times. All Prefects are issued a job description, which gets updated, by both staff and learners when appropriate.
By becoming a prefect, you are assuming a position of leadership in the school that goes far beyond any specific duties. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome as to how we might develop your role.
All prefects have a break time duty plus their specific duties in the teams they are attached to.
Curriculum Prefects are responsible for working in the department they are attached to, supporting staff within the department, conducting research, helping prepare resources, supporting extracurricular activities and a range of other activities set out in the job description.
Pastoral Prefects are linked to a specific year group and in Cohorts 7-9 they are attached to an individual learning group. They support this group twice a week by taking small group work, helping with reading and other activities requested by the learning group leader.
Development Prefects will closely with their respective Coordinators and Deputy and Lead Learners in developing research into moving the school forward.
Maintenance Prefects work closely in FS20 and in supporting all events that take place in school.
General Prefects will have a variety of responsibilities including, break/lunchtime supervision of areas, working with departments, dealing with lost property, working with the clubs and gazette publication, working in the LRC or IT suits, working in Cohort 7 learning groups, meeting and showing visitors around, open evening, supporting sports events and helping with many school events e.g. the family challenge day. They will be managed primarily by Subject Leaders and their teams and the Prefect Coordinators
All prefects receive a prefect tie which denotes their status. All prefects will receive a full day's training and Coordinators will receive specific training at a local hotel. Lead Learner receive a Lead Learner tie and a jumper with their name on and Deputy Lead Learners also receive a Deputy Lead Learner tie and jumper.
Learner Leadership Team
Learners from Cohorts 7-10 are invited to apply to become a member of the Learner Leadership Team or the Creative Team (see below). Learners can apply using a method of their choice, for example, a letter or video. The Lead Learners then invite the shortlisted learners to take part in a workshop that they have designed, which allows them to see the learners demonstrates their teamwork, collaboration, communication as well as creative skills. Successful applicants are then offered a place on the Learner Leadership Team or the Creative Team in accordance with their skills and attributes. The Learner Leadership Team consists of the Lead Learners and their Deputies and up to four learners represented from Cohorts 7-10. The team meets once per month. They research ideas about how they can improve the school and are responsible for deciding how to spend money raised by the Cohort Creative Teams, and the sponsored walk.
Creative Teams
The Creative Teams for Cohorts 7-10 were first introduced two years ago. Creative Team members are appointed during the Learner Leadership Team application process. The purpose of these teams is for learners to design and engage in creative projects initiated from their own ideas under the guidance of their team leaders (Lead Learners and a member of staff). These projects are aimed at raising funds for the development of the learning experience and environment at the school.

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