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English Department
In English we facilitate the development of a wide variety of skills and do this through the strands of Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening. Learners develop their skills of reflection and self-evaluation so that they are able to identify areas for their improvement and become more self-aware.
English learning groups are arranged in mixed social groups throughout the five years. Learning is personalised so that each young person can learn to their full potential.
KS3 Programme of Learning
Cohorts 7 and 8 learn through the three key phases of ‘Ignite, Study and Showcase’. Learning is maximised through facilitation whereby the use of questions, guidance and support are provided at timely points.
Throughout the year, learners’ interest is ignited by a variety of Ignition Weeks within English. What will follow these are phases of learning that include for Cohort 7: ‘Is there anything left to explore?’, ‘Is the world a beautiful place?’, ‘Under the Surface’, ‘Worlds Collide’ and ‘My Inspirations’.
For Cohort 8, after their Ignition sessions, will develop their English skills through the study of: ‘My Inspirations’, ‘Relationships’, ‘Possibilities’, ‘Making Time’, ‘Ambitions for the Future’ and Pre-GCSE study. After each unit of focus, learners will have the opportunity to showcase their learning to their fellow learners and facilitators. Reflecting and analysing the way they approached their learning as they share their ideas.
GCSE Course Structure
Cohort 9
Learners commence their GCSEs in Cohort 9 with the separation of GCSE English Language and Literature. They will study a variety of literature including prose and poetry as well as cultivating their own skills in creative writing. They will also develop their skills of analysis through the study of a variety of non-fiction texts. In addition, they will work on the technical aspects of English, such as spelling, punctuation and grammar, throughout the whole course.
Typically, texts studied are ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ and ’Of Mice and Men’ as well as selected poems from the AQA anthology titled ‘Power and Conflict’.
Cohorts 10 and 11
English Language GCSE
We currently study AQA’s GCSE English Language specification for 2017 (8700). They will take two exams at the end of Cohort 11 which are each worth 50% of the course. There is no controlled assessment or coursework. They are also expected to complete a speaking and listening presentation, but this is not weighted by the examining board.
Students will draw upon a range of texts as reading stimulus and engage with creative as well as real and relevant contexts. Students will have opportunities to develop higher-order reading and critical thinking skills that encourage genuine enquiry into different topics and themes.
This specification will ensure that students can read fluently and write effectively. Students will be able to demonstrate a confident control of Standard English and write grammatically correct sentences, deploying figurative language and analysing texts.
For more information, please see this website:
English Literature GCSE
We currently study AQA’s GCSE English Literature specification for 2017 (8702). They will take two exams at the end of Cohort 11 which are worth 40% and 60% of the course. There is no controlled assessment or coursework.
The texts they will study are:
‘The Sign of the Four’ by Arthur Conan Doyle
‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare
‘An Inspector Calls’ by J.B. Priestley
The AQA ‘Power and Conflict’ poetry anthology
For more information, please see this website:

In 2016, 94.9% of our young people secured A* - C grade in English Language. For English Literature our results were 78.7% A*- C.
Each learner will regularly submit key pieces throughout the year that demonstrate their learning. These will tie in to their progress reports and give a clear indication of how they are achieving in English Language and Literature.
The English Team closely monitor progress and make the necessary interventions to help all learners succeed. One of these interventions is ‘My Learning Choices’. This offers invaluable 1:1 subject specialist support and is often used to help learners with individual areas of development. All English teachers in the team have dedicated slots on their timetable so that any learner can attain support. In addition, we run two GCSE weekly English clubs on a Tuesday from 3.20-4.20pm and Wednesday from 3-4pm.
Approach to Independent Study
Independent study is personalised and designed by individual facilitators to best suit the learners that they teach. It will vary from the further study of a concept uncovered in a learning session, independent research or the honing of reading and writing skills. It will take a variety of formats and will be varied to ensure the development of all skills.
Resources to support learning
As learners progress through their year, teachers will regularly distribute lesson resources, key revision packs and English texts via email. These are electronically saved on to learners’ iPads in a dedicated area. In addition, we offer a suggested revision guides’ list that learners have access to and can enquire after in the school shop. There is also an English GCSE site dedicated to additional resources on our school platform [email protected] If learners type in ‘GCSE English Language or Literature’ in to the search bar for this website they will find it: https://ilah.honywood.net/.

Recommended websites to assist with independent learning also include:






The English Team
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